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Part II of MRBI will, apparently, be released in tomorrow’s IT. They have favoured us with the following snippet

When asked if they would like to see Brian Cowen remaining as Taoiseach and leader of Fianna Fáil until the next election 61 per cent said he should step down while 29 per cent said he should remain and just 10 per cent had no opinion.

So, is that him gone? Well, possibly not….

…among Fianna Fáil voters the position was reversed with 61 per cent saying he should remain and 32 per cent saying he should step down.

ahhh … right, most non-FF voters want him to go, and most FF voters want him to stay …. and the number of people who want him to go is actually less than those supporting parties looking for him to go. Not really saying anything there, I think….

Of interest, given the amateurish attempts by Quantum regarding who should succeed him (70% Lenihen, 30% Martin, 0% all others, according to them)

Mr Lenihan was supported by 39 per cent of voters followed by Micheal Martin on 18 per cent, Mary Hanafin on 8 per cent and Dermot Ahern on 6 per cent. Other candidates attracted the support of 5 per cent while 24 per cent had no opinion.

Sounds a bit more accurate, doesn’t it? No doubt there’ll be more snippets tomorrow….

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September 30, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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  1. […] then, MRBI asked a similar question and got a somewhat more credible result (39% Lenihen and 18% Martin, with Hanafin 8%, Ahern 6%, Oth […]

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