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A RedC poll tomorrow in the Sun (yes, yes, I know….) shows a drop in support in for Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

According to the poll, just 11% of the population would support him for Taoiseach, down from 17% in the same poll 3 months ago, and 18% in an MRBI poll 4 months ago. This is the same level as he got in the aftermath of the “Drink-In” controversy.

Other figures in’s article include Eamon Gilmore up 6% to a gravity defying 39%, while Enda Kenny fell from 27% to 23%. Given the concerted campaign against Gilmore in the Indo last week, the strong performance (IMO) by Michael Noonan over the last few weeks, and given the poll was taken before Kenny’s weekend performance ‘explaining’ their new policy on PS numbers, this is very good news for Gilmore, and not great for either of his rivals. It would, if anything, suggest that there’s been a reaction against the Indo’s campaign over his wife selling the land that her mother left her on her death.

No party figures (none in the previous Sun/RedC effort either), but a few other bits and pieces, including the somewhat poignant statistic that 8%, have endured the break-up of their marriage or relationship as a result of the crisis.

Behind the billions of euros being talked about, we sometimes forget there are people whose lives are turned upside down by all this.

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November 8, 2010 at 10:24 pm

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