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December Sun

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Well that was quite a poll…

The RedC/Irish Sun poll figures have been confirmed, and they do indeed show a marked swing away from FF, and to a lesser degree LP and FG (both within the margin of error) towards SF and INDs. To recap, with my seat projections from yesterday;

FG 32% (-1) – 62 seats
LP 24% (-3) – 47 seats
SF 16% (+5) – 26 seats
FF 13% (-4) – 14 seats (including CC, but not including Mattie McGrath)
GP 3% (n/c) – 2 seats
OTH 11% (+3) – 15 seats (including MMG)

(NB more details further down the post)

On choice of Taoiseach, there’s continued movement towards Gilmore of 2%, and away from Cowen, with Kenny also getting a small lift;

Gilmore 41%
Kenny 25%
Cowen 8%

This indicates I think that while there’s a large body of opinion out there that want Gilmore to lead the next Govt, a significant wodge of that wouldn’t like them to prop up FG, and want an ‘angrier’ reaction to recent events.

It creates a dilemma for Gilmore, as moving too much to the left will alienate a lot of his recently won support (and make governing afterwards harder, having raised unrealistic expectations). It would also raise the spectre of a Guns and Roses LP/SF coalition, and the media onslaught that would unleash.

But ignoring this drift risks seeing him drop lower in the poll. Currently its margin of error stuff, and the combined effect of the Bearded One’s entrance in Louth and the DSW by-election was always likely to see a surge in SF support this month. But there’s a lot of very angry people out there, and while they may fall back somewhat from this rating, I don’t foresee SF going south of 10% any time soon, if at all, and they may even edge up a point or two after the budget.

Gilmore’s greatest trump is that, despite the personalised onslaught by the Indo group against him and his wife, people want him to be Taoiseach in increasing numbers. His greatest drawback is that his supporters fear he’ll put someone else in that they don’t trust. In the course of an election campaign, a significant number of voters drift to the party of their preferred Taoiseach, and in most elections (bar ’92) LP have not been considered part of that equation, to their detriment. This is an election where Gilmore will have to persuade voters that if they want him to be Taoiseach, they need to vote for his candidates, not just in Dublin Central and Wexford, but in places like Roscommon, Meath West and Cavan. If not, they’re more likely to be electing an opposition instead.

FF and Cowen … well, where to start? 13% will represent for some a “new” core vote, but for me it just supports my contention that there’s no such thing. They could recover, but unless the forthcoming Budget involves some sort of magic money machine, or perhaps a time travel device, I suspect that they aren’t going to make major inroads. They may recover by election time by enough to catch SF, but the only way they’ve even an outside chance to be in Govt is as a very minor partner for FG, should this be deemed “in the national interest” by the great and the good.

FG will be unsure how to read this. FF are collapsing and LP are down, but so are they. The fact that the movement is towards parties to the left of LP will be worrying for them, and they’ll be nervously gauging LP’s intentions. They could go hell for leather and accuse LP as potential SF partners in govt, but that would risk alienating the only potential coalition partners they’ll admit to before the election (although afterwards they may consider FF or SF if the figures added up).

SF will of course be cock-a-hoop at this polling (and I suspect my projections). However, there’s a GE campaign to go, and they’d be advised not to lose the head just yet. A lot of this vote is clearly quite fluid, and if a week is a long time in politics, three months are an eternity. But its going as well for them as they could have hoped for, and these figures would see them well placed to be competing with FF to be the largest opposition party in the Dáil, and possibly looking at them as coalition partners in 2016.

The Greens …. Well they strike me as looking for release into the wild at this stage. On these figures, they would remarkably hold on to 2 seats – one in the form of Sargant, but the other, surprisingly, in the form of John Gormley, who would slip ahead of Chris Andrews and get enough transfers from him to stay ahead of SF.

And OTHs…. Always very hard to work out what’s happening with them, but I suspect that the launch of the United Left Alliance (or “Tanks and Trots”) this week has given a wee fillip for this column, again reflecting anger more than a desire for a new govt, I suspect.

Anyway, the projections…

FF 23% (1)
FG 38% (2)
LP 19% (1)
SF 13% (1)
GP 7%

FF lose 2 seats and GP 1, with FG, LP and SF all gaining.


FF 14% (1)
FG 34% (2)
LP 6%
SF 37% (2)
Ind 6%

Here, an ‘Adams avalanche’ of this scale would outdo a Gilmore Gale, with SF2 taking one FF seat, and FG’s Joe O’Reilly taking the other FF seat. FF’s Brendan Smith hangs on from LP’s Des Cullen, who himself barely squeezes ahead of FG3 on Indo transfers.

FF 20% (1)
FG 43% (2)
LP 8%
SF 12%
GP 4%
Oth 14% (1)

FF lose a seat, most likely to their gene-pool independent and ex-TD Breen, although SF (and LP if they get a good candidate) would also be in the mix. Dooley, rather than Kileen, would appear more likely to hold on.

Cork E
FF 14.3%
FG 32.8% (1)
LP 36.4% (2)
SF 14.2% (1)
GP 2%

FF lose both seats, to LP2 and SF.

Cork NC
FF 4% (yes, yes, I know…)
FG 32% (2)
LP 25% (1)
SF 17.5% (1)
Oth 20%

SF take a seat from FF, but a fractured left sees FG2 stay ahead of LP2, unless Lynch and Gilroy split their vote reasonably well. FF’s Noel O’Flynn will hope that his protests of independence may save him, and I suspect they’ll pull up his first preferences, but that he’ll still be too far behind for it to make any difference to the final result. Also losing out here would be Billy Kelleher, who would have expected to be a leading member of the FF front bench next time out. SP also lose out, but that’s hard to call as they are in “OTH” and if the swing to them is disproportionately for left-wingers, he could pull it off.

Cork NW
FF 26.5% (1)
FG 48.4% (2)
LP 16.6%
SF 5.7%
GP 2.8%

While there are transfers here for LP, they are too far behind FG2 to reel them in.

Cork SC
FF 10% (1)
FG 38% (2)
LP 25% (1)
SF 14% (1)
GP 3%

SF’s Chris O’Leary takes a seat, with LP’s Paula Desmond just losing out to FF’s Michail Martin by a handful of votes. Very close though, and could go either way. However, Martin could be leader by the next election, which would make him safe.

Cork SW
FF 18%
FG 41.5% (2)
LP 23% (1)
SF 13%
GP 5%

LP take a seat, and FG2 holds off FF and SF for the 3rd seat.

Donegal NE
FF 23% (1)
FG 27% (1)
LP 11%
SF 31% (1)

Straightforward gain for SF from FF, who hold their single seat with less than a quota. They had 3/3 here when Blaney defected from IFF….

Donegal SW

FF 17%
FG 24% (1)
LP 11%
SF 37% (2)
OTH 10%

On these figures, the combined SF/LP/Pringle vote would hold up to the approx 60% they got in the by-election, and if SF ran a running mate for Doherty, s/he would most likely stay ahead of McBrearty, and with transfers from Pringle and the LP man, take the final seat from FF. Even if SF ran a single candidate, FF would still most likely lose out, with the battle being between McBreaty and Pringle, given most SF transfers would go their way, but at present I’m giving it to SF2.

Dublin C
FF 6% (assuming HE isn’t running…)
FG 14%
LP 32% (2)
SF 18% (1)
GP 3%
OTH 26% (1)

Donoghue makes it a hatrick of ‘surprise’ defeats, with Mary-Lou getting in, and LP’s Aine Clancy beating the FG man by doing better from transfers from Cieran Perry and FF’s Mary FitzPatrick. Perry though is a dark horse, and if you’re offered good odds against him, you should consider them. And if MOS doesn’t run (as has been suggested) he’s very likely to pull it off.

Dub MW
FF 7%
FG 23% (1)
LP 32.4% (2)
SF 19% (1)
GP 7%

FF lose a seat to LP, PDs lose a seat to FG, and GP lose a seat to SF. Not a happy prospect for the Govt, but at least they’d be sharing the pain equally…..

Dub N
FF 9%
FG 21% (1)
LP 27% (1)
SF 10%
GP 11.4% (1)
SP/ULA 13% (1)

FF lose 2 seats, to LP and Clare Daly. SF also in the mix, and I have Sargant holding on, largely on FF transfers. LP would be well placed if they had a well balanced ticket and split the vote well, but at this stage we’re still none the wiser who will be Ryan’s running mate, and so I don’t see them getting their act together in time for the election. Daly is however vulnerable to SF, as a lot of their natural votes may have gone to her in the past, as they were considered no-hopers before, and some of these may return.

Dub NC
FF 10%
FG 31% (1)
LP 24% (1)
SF 13%
GP 3%
OTH 19% (1)

The Haughey dynasty falls, with LP’s Aodhan O’Riordan taking a seat, and Finian McGrath holding on against a SF challenge.

Dub NE
FF 7%
FG 26% (1)
LP 36% (1)
SF 23% (1)
GP 3%

SF nip in and take the last seat from LP2, who have been taking this in most polls. FF not even at the races, FG appear safe for 1 seat.

Dub NW
FF 11%
FG 12%
LP 41% (2)
SF 27% (1)

FF lose both seats, “The Brother” and Minister Carey. LP take one and SF the other. FG not well enough placed to come close.

Dub S
FF 10% (1)
FG 36% (2)
LP 32% (2)
SF 10%
GP 7.5%

FF will run without an outgoing TD, following the death of Seamus Brennan and the confirmed retirement of Tom Kitt. I still see them just about holding on here, as I believe that GP transfers will put them ahead of SF, but that’s based on the assumption of a 2-candidate LP ticket. A White/Culhane/McCarthy ticket would put the cat among the pigeons, mind…. If they split 14/10/8 (not unreasonable) LP3 would be ahead of Ryan, and would be well placed to over take SF on GP transfers. Probably not going to happen, but still….

Dub SC
FF 4% (yes, yes…)
FG 18% (1)
LP 38.4% (3)
SF 18% (1)
GP 3%
ULA 11%

Collapse in FF vote here. I have LP vote splitting 15% Byrne, 13% Hupton and 10.4% Conaghan, with LP3 reeling in ULA’s Joan Collins on FF and GP transfers (FG and SF transfers cancelling out their respective preferences for LP and ULA). Very very close though, and Collins could definitely sneak it, particularly if LP vote is more skewed. FG2 and FF1 are not in the mix.

Dub SE
FF 11%
FG 24% (1)
LP 35% (2)
SF 10.0%
GP 9.4% (1)

Somewhat controversially (I suspect!) I see Gormely creeping ahead of SF on IND transfers, then getting enough from SF to overtake FF, and then be elected on Chris Andrews transfers. Less controversially, 2 LP and 1 FG.

Dub SW
FF 6%
FG 23% (1)
LP 33.4% (2)
SF 24.8% (1)

No surprise here but LP’s Eamonn Maloney gets elected on SF surplus.

Dub W
FF 11%
FG 18% (1)
LP 40% (2)
SF 11%
SP 20% (1)

If the tide’s out, it’s out. Brian Lenihen, even with an upward adjustment, would lose his seat to veteran trotskyist, Joe “M.E.P.” Higgins. LP pick up the additional seat from the revision, but the identity is unclear. I understood that a convention was likely to select Burton and Nulty, but now hear that only 1 candidate will be selected by convention, with a possible addition by Head Office. Possibly this is to add someone more amenable than Nulty, which suggests that HQ knows the fight for the last seat will be with Lenihen, rather than Higgins.

FF 13%
FG 28% (1)
LP 35% (2)
SF 7%
GP 4.5%
ULA 13% (1)

Drops a seat, and 3 ministers, with Mary Hanafin, Barry Andews and Ciaran Cuffe all facing marching orders. On these figures, Bacik and Boyd-Barrett should both be ahead of FG2 after SF/GP transfers (and Gilmore’s surplus), and already edging ahead of FF1 (after the elimination of FF2).

Galway E
FF 12%
FG 50% (2)
LP 14% (1)
SF 10%
OTH 13% (1)

FF lose both their seats, one to LP and the other (just about) to FF gene-pool Indo McHugh. FG hold both seats, despite 2 retirements, one presumably going to ex-PD leader Ciaran Cannon. SF in line to poll well, but are likely to fall short, unless McHugh underperforms the swing to OTH (quite possible if this is a swing to left-wing parties).

Galway W
FF 7% (really!)
FG 26% (2)
LP 24% (1)
SF 10%
GP 3%
OTH 31% (2)

Well, hard to see, but if FF are at a third of their ’07 polling, this would appear to be the outcome here… I’d not write them off, but they are very much up against it. They may of course be holding on better here if there’s a different swing in the Gaeltacht (there often is) but if that’s the case and they are still 13% nationally, that means they are lower still elsewhere….

On these figures FF lose both seats, FG2 takes one of them, and the other is won by left-wing Indo Catherine Connolly. New LP candidate Derek Nolan would hold onto Michael D’s seat, and Noel Grealish would hang on. Again, SF not a million miles off, and they could be fighting it out with Connolly for that last seat, but I have her beating them on LP transfers.

Kerry N
FF 12%
FG 34% (1)
LP 16% (1)
SF 35% (1)

FF suffer a relative collapse, although at about their national average, you could argue its a substantial improvement on ’07 ….. The Spring Dynasty returns, although Arthur, one suspects, won’t reach the heights of the Uncle. FG and SF are safe as a safe house.

Kerry S
FF 16%
FG 29% (1)
LP 22% (1)
IND 20% (1)
SF 11%

FF’s JOD loses out to the Gilmore Gale in this instance, with the younger Healy-Rae also taking a seat. LP have yet to select a candidate though, and if SF choose Toireasa Ferris as mooted on by some posters, the last 2 seats will be keenly contested. FG seat is very safe.

Kildare N
FF 6%
FG 27% (1)
LP 36% (2)
SF 9%
OTH 20% (1)

FF appear set to see a collapse in their vote here. I would caution that the swing might not be as big here, as I’ve a gut feeling that workers in some multinationals around here may be less tempted by the left-wing offerings, but it’s hard to see it stopping LP2 and Murphy (IND) joining Stagg and Durkan (if he runs).

Kildare S
FF 25% (1)
FG 25% (1)
LP 36% (1)
SF 6%
GP 5%

FG gain from FF. In other circumstances the LP/left vote could deliver a 2nd seat, but not with the figures falling in that pattern. No danger in running a LP2 though, despite the reluctance of Jack Wall, who reputedly would rather bequeath the seat, which might be complicated by another Lp cllr getting a run out this time….

FF 33% (2) – and that’s with a leaders bonus added….
FG 37% (2)
LP 10.3%
SF 16.4% (1)

SF gain the 3rd FF seat. Much talk that LP are going to impose former Leinster Leader editor, Laois based John Whelan ahead of several local cllrs (all apparently called O’Brien, for some reason…) provoking a local split, but this projection suggests that without a game-changing move (such as that) they’d lose out to SF on current polling.

Limerick City
FF 12%
FG 33% (1)
LP 35% (2)
SF 12.3% (1)

On these figures the swing and the revision of the constituency (dropping a seat) would see FF lose 2 seats, one to LP and the other to SF’s Maurice Quinlivan, who has a well documented record of tormenting Willie O’Dea. FG would also most likely lose a seat, probably Kieran O’Donnell who loses a lot of his area in the revision, although a decent FF-to-FG transfer when O’Dea is eliminated might save him at the expense of SF.

Limerick County
FF 21%
FG 49% (2)
LP 22% (1)
SF 5%

Always been an odd one, this. The PD’s took a seat in ’87 (leaving FG with none), FG took 2 seats in ’97 as a result of Indo FFers running, and on this occasion it looks like FF could lose a seat each to FG and LP’s Jim Heffernan. A very modest FF recovery would see them hold one seat however, most likely at LP’s expense.

FF 17% (1)
FG 34.6% (1)
LP 36.2% (2)
SF 10.5%

FF lose a seat to LP who have high hopes for former PD intellectual Mae Sexton 😉 Still, in fairness, her main local competition is “Bonkers” Bannon….. FG2 and SF may be competitive, but appear too far behind, and as long as Sexton stays ahead of one, is likely to get sufficient transfers from the other (and from Penrose, of course)

FF 6%
FG 34.9% (2)
LP 15.1% (1)
SF 31.8% (1)
GP 4.5%

FF collapse (that Dermot Ahern is very canny, isn’t he…?) SF would probably have too lob-sided a vote to take 2 seats here (I’ve given them a big leaders bonus) and I’d see FG taking a second seat, assuming they persuade MMcG (Mairead, not Martin) to run.

Nash should take a seat for LP, but on these figures I’d be cautious about their consideration (reportedly) of a Dundalk sweeper…)

FF 16% (1)
FG 57% (3)
LP 9%
SF 14% (1)

On these figures, the Adams Avalance would push SF ahead of LP’s Jerry Cowley. Either way, one of htem takes a seat from FF, most likely Calleary.

Meath E
FF 9%
FG 33% (2)
LP 29% (1)
SF 11%

FF lose 2 seats, one each to LP and FG. LP would be in the running for a second with SF and Indo transfers, but I’m informed that they’ll not run a second candidate, so it’ll be Hannigan, with his transfers electing FG (unless SF do very well in Indo, FF and LP transfers)

Meath W
FF 14%
FG 37% (1)
LP 16% (1)
SF 25% (1)

FF lose 2 seats (including Noel Dempsey) both to the left, SF on a quota and LP edging ahead of FG2 on FF transfers (FG needing about twice as many of them to keep both their candidates ahead).

Roscommon – S Leitrim
FF 15%
FG 45% (2)
LP 13%
SF 20% (1)
OTH 6%

Well, this would be a turn up for the books …. FF wer already down to 1 seat in this 3-seater, but on this poll, they’d lose that one also. FG would hold the 2 seats, but it would be SF, rather than LP’s John Kelly who would take the seat. Both would be close enough, and Ming Flanagan couldn’t be ruled out, but with 39% between them, it would appear fairly certain that one of the 3 seats should go outside the FF/FG fold. On these figures, Flanagan would be eliminated first, putting Kelly ahead of FF1, but SF would appear most likely to be too far ahead for Kelly to pull him in. It would be a surprise, but Martin Kelly polled comfortably ahead of SF’s national rating last time. However, he was one of the few Leitrim candidates and a fair bit of his vote may come from that, and it may be that the Adams avalanche will not necessarily lift that boat to the same degree, in which case Kelly may catch him.

But one to watch…

Sligo N Leitrim
FF 15%
FG 45% (2)
LP 12%
SF 25% (1)

Similar to Roscommon, although this time FF lose one each to FG and SF. Here SF are on safer ground, as their candidate is Sligo based and so there is no esoteric ‘Leitrim’ basis for the base vote. O’Keefe would appear to be struggling unless she makes significant inroads into the FG vote, which appears to be an uphill battle. Wild card could be Declan Bree, who is rumoured to be considering a comeback under the ULA banner.

Let’s hope there’s no discussions about Stalin at the selection convention… 😉

Tipp Nth
FF 12%
FG 21% (1)
LP 17% (1)
Lowry 32% (1)
SF 11%

FF lose their only seat to LP’s Kelly. Lowry safe as an entire housing estate….

Tipp Sth
FF 14%
FG 26% (1)
LP 17%
IND 32% (2)
SF 11%

Mattie takes an Indo seat that will magically transform itself to FF after the election, and Manseragh lose his seat to Healy. LP falls short, McGrath’s gambit paying off. No real space for SF as the combination of Indo FF, ULA and mainstream LP just doesn’t leave enough left for them (11% is no disgrace though…)

FF 10%
FG 34.5% (2)
LP 26% (1)
SF 16% (1)

This is a constituency where Lp have announced that they’ll only be running one candidate, and a SF surge means that they might not be missing out as a result. Although, had they persuaded Gilligan to jump aboard, it would have been much more interesting. SF gain a seat, as do FG at the expense of FF who would have been weakened anyway by Cullen’s retirement.

FF 18% (1)
FG 38% (2)
LP 24% (1)
SF 15% (1)

FF lose a seat, but its to SF rather than LP. This is despite an adjustment for the SF candidate jumping ship and joining ULA.

FF 7%
FG 32% (2)
LP 25% (1)
SF 15% (1)
GP 5%
OTH 17% (1)

FF collapse, Behan holds his FF seat as an Indo, and Roche loses his to SF. LP fall just short of a second seat as a result, but if Behan doesn’t stand (as rumoured) they would take the seat.

Written by Dotski

December 3, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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  4. Putting the poll results (without any regional or other adjustments) into the election predictor at gives:-
    FF 7
    FG 66
    LO 54
    SF 23
    Green 2
    Others 14

    The 7 includes the Ceann Comhairle. It looks like the end for FF.


    December 3, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    • Many thanks for that link CQ – I can see me playing with that for a good while!

      Kudos for your blog btw, it’s the source I always use when I’m looking up polls since the last GE, it’s great as before I had to trawl through the web with Google and always was worried I’d missed some.


      December 3, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    • It’s pretty stunning to think that a party which had been so dominant could be obliterated in one election! It has happened before with the Canadian Tories and the Italian Christian Democrats and perhaps now, and quite deservedly it’s FF’s turn.

      The Oncoming Storm

      December 3, 2010 at 11:22 pm

      • Indeed! The DCI comparison is probably closer of course, given the context of their demise, of course, the Canadian Tories were to some degree unfortunate in terms of not just the electoral system but the emergence of new movements in Quebec and Alberta who had opposing criticisms of them, resulting in their being squeezed.

        Of course, some recovery is always possible, but the extent to which that could be successful appears to be diminishing…


        December 3, 2010 at 11:32 pm

        • There’s certainly no prospect as long as Biffo stays at the helm. The question is given these dire poll results who would want the job? The nightmare scenario for FF ( they’re going to be routed anyway) is that the defeat is so comprehensive that all the big guns and potential next leaders perish meaning that they don’t have the talent to stage a recovery.

          The Oncoming Storm

          December 4, 2010 at 12:14 am

          • very good point. there’s a number of FF TDs I could see being competent opposition front benchers who would definitely lose their seats here, leaving only the dregs. The likes of Power, Calleary, O’Brien et al …. the TDs left by this would be a poor crop by any measure, and their ability to recover could be scuppered by that.


            December 4, 2010 at 12:19 am

    • tried hitting that link twice and it made safari freeze both times, which is quite unusual.
      is it ok?


      December 3, 2010 at 11:36 pm

      • CQ’s link?

        Working fine in Firefox and IE, but the Java takes a while to load.


        December 3, 2010 at 11:45 pm

      • The java applet is quite slow to load. I’ve only run it on windows 7 or Vista from Chrome and IE – it usually takes 20-30 seconds to start up.


        December 3, 2010 at 11:45 pm

  5. Dot, deadly stuff. I’d love if that was the result.


    December 3, 2010 at 11:30 pm

  6. Labour wont be as strong in limerick city as you suggest,though 2 seats a possibility.Your conclusion that FF might transfer to ODonnel is way off.When Noreen Ryan FF was eliminated in 2007 she transferred 2 to 1 to OSullivan v Ryan despite the fact that ODonnel and herself were members of the county council representing the castleconnel electoral area.Power and Leddin are similar age both from the city and i am certain Leddin will beat ODonnel 2 or 3 to 1 on Power transfers assuming Leddin is ahead


    December 3, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    • Hi ymmek

      I don’t think that FF will transfer to FG over SF, I just pointed it out as what might save O’Donnell if I was wrong (I was though still calling it as SF)


      December 3, 2010 at 11:53 pm

      • This is based totally of the local feeling that I’ve noticed since the last election and nothing else, but for what its worth: Limerick City will never elect Quinlevin to the Dail. His only main support is in the Moyross/St Mary’s Park area and O’ Dea remains bizarrily popular (which I know ive mentioned before, but there it is). Not as popular as he used to be, but popular nonetheless. It’s Leddin or O’Donnell for the 4th seat.


        December 4, 2010 at 2:13 am

  7. 4th line should obviously read ODonnel instead of RYAN


    December 3, 2010 at 11:47 pm

  8. I am interested in your views on the likely influence of emigration on the future election.

    I feel that the register is likely to be in quite poor condition because most emigration (of Irish people) has taken place in the past 12 months.

    Also polls are based on a particular demographic mix. Migration involves population movements of very specific age groups, those between 21 and 35.

    It is generally accepted that the CSO figures have underestimated emigration trends. It appears to me looking at sign offs from SW for example that net emigration is running at levels of at least 10,000 per month and perhaps up to 20,000 pm.

    Those leaving are mainly qualified, either with a trade or university degrees coming from Social Groups B, C1 & C2. These groups have shown a strong drift to the Labour Party.

    Is it possible that the FF& FG votes are slightly understated? This maybe particularly so in some of the urban constituencies where the swings seem to be the most extreme.


    December 3, 2010 at 11:57 pm

  9. it’s a good point, and I have wondered if FF’s strategy of trying to delay the GE might be to see some of their biggest detractors leave before polling.

    The current poll is based on ppl still here, so isn’t skewed, but if the poll happens after those ppl go, it would of course mean the FF vote could sneak up. But I remember canvassing in the 80s, and the ppl most determined to vote then were, IME, mothers who had seen their sons leave.

    Different times now, but worth keeping an eye on as an issue…


    December 4, 2010 at 12:12 am

    • Had the election been a little later, say in the Summer, I had hopes of returning home. My father has made sure I’m still on the electoral roll in case of a return. (I left in 93, but have kept very close tabs on domestic politics since).

      I was there in August; hard to justify a second flight from LA to Ireland (with concomitant crotch-abuse by TSA) so soon. Ah well. 2016, perhaps, to hammer another nail in the FF coffin. You guys will have to jab a stake through their black hearts on behalf of those of us driven out already.

      Too bad the “Boston not Berlin” twits never followed the US practice of allowing votes for emigrants.


      December 4, 2010 at 2:48 am

    • Yes, I too remember canvassing in the 1980s well and the influence that emigration had. And I take on board the angry parents, most of whom will not have direct personal experience of emigration, i.e. they grew up in the 1960s and join the workforce before the mass emigration of the 1980s. These middle class urban parents were the first not to be trained for An Bád Bán.

      There was a good piece some time ago over on using the mobile phone stats, which suggested that emigration started in earnest some time ago, well before the CSO picked up the trend.

      My own view is that FF are on somewhere in the 10-11% range and will be in 4th place in all bar maybe one Dublin & Cork constituencies. The Sun/Red C poll is likely to see more rightwing voters moving to FG, as they left FG before for FF in 2002 and earlier elections, because they did not see FG as credible. This movement could see FG doing well in places like Dún Laoire & Dublin South, even perhaps DSE.

      The Sinn Féin issue may become this elections “red scare”, somewhat ironic!


      December 4, 2010 at 11:15 pm

  10. […] Irish Polling Report… Tags: Dail election 2011, Fianna Fail, GE2011, Opinion Poll, Red C Poll Topic: Government, Politics Region: Ireland « Phil Woolas: “This is the end, I’m out” As the FF tide goes out will the SF boat rise? » […]

  11. Wow…

    bring on the budget…


    December 4, 2010 at 2:42 am

    • Well, I know what you mean, but am personally not looking forward to it…. 😦


      December 4, 2010 at 12:37 pm

  12. Based on that, ministers ministers losing their seats would include the following.

    Fianna Fáil
    Mary Coughlan (Donegal SW);
    Brian Lenihan (Dublin W);
    Éamon Ó Cuiv (Galway W);
    Pat Carey (Dublin NW);
    Mary Hanafin (DL, but may return if she moves to Dublin South);
    Billy Kelleher (Cork NC);
    John Curran (Dublin MW);
    Seán Haughey (Dublin NC);
    Conor Lenihan (Dublin SW);
    Barry Andrews (DL);
    Áine Brady (Kildare N);
    Peter Power (Limerick E);
    Noel Dempsey (Meath W);
    Michael Finneran (Roscommon S Leitrim);
    Martin Mansergh (Tipperary S);
    Dick Roche (Wicklow).

    Eamon Ryan (Dublin S);
    Mary White (Carlow Kilkenny);
    John Gormley (Dublin SE);
    Ciarán Cuffe (DL).

    This doesn’t count those who will not be running again (e.g. Dermot Ahern, Mary Harney) or those who are in a constituency where their party will hold a seat but it is not theirs.


    December 4, 2010 at 12:23 pm

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Martell Thornton, Claire O'Sullivan. Claire O'Sullivan said: Irish Sun Red C poll projections -if you haven't seen already […]

  14. RE: Galway East

    Very good analysis overall. However in the Galway East prediction you talk about Paddy McHugh running. This is very unlikely. After losing in the 2007 GE he has been out of active politics.

    Much more likely is that is brother-in-law Cllr. Sean Canney will run. He has basically the same organization as Paddy McHugh, having been co-opted on to the Council when Paddy won his Dail seat in 2002. He was elected in his own right in the last LE by exceeding the quota on the first count.

    Some more info here:

    My own guess for Galway East is:

    FG 2 (Tom McHugh + Connaughton Jnr)
    Ind 1 (Canney)
    LAB 1 (Keavney)

    Since WW2 no TD outside of FF & FG have ever won a seat in this constituency. The only exception was the aforementioned McHugh win in 2002. Even at that he was in FF up until 9 months before the election.

    So a break though here for Labour would be a big deal.


    December 5, 2010 at 12:23 am

    • Cheers Stephen, particularly the info re McHugh/Canney, I’ll assume a similar vote for him next time instead.


      December 5, 2010 at 4:15 pm

  15. Sunday Independent is reporting that the Political Studies Association of Ireland calculate the following seats:
    Labour 48,
    Sinn Fein 24,
    independents 15.


    December 5, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    • Pretty close to the spreadsheet – 1 more LP, 2 less SF, same inds


      December 5, 2010 at 4:11 pm

  16. From Slugger, Mark Reckless, MP has posted what looks like the full opinion poll results including demographic breakdown.

    Click to access red-express-tabular-report-currency-dec-2010.pdf

    Neville Bagnall

    December 6, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    • Neville,

      Cheers for that – interesting that a Tory MP has access to the actual polling data, whereas the RedC site doesn’t! I note he’s been plugging the fact that a third think ditching the Euro for Sterling is a good idea – interesting for the descendent of a former FF TD that he’d be pushing that….



      December 6, 2010 at 11:53 pm

  17. […] details of the RedC poll on Irish attitudes to the Euro and Sterling – as pointed out by Neville here Tory MP Mark Reckless (grandson of a former Donegal FF TD) commissioned a question on whether […]

  18. On Cork East – have you factored in the boundary shift?


    December 14, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    • Hi Tony,

      From what I can make out it won’t result in a significant (i.e. more than a NET 2%) change in any party vote.



      December 15, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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