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Independents Day?

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Hi folks,

Am back in the country (was away on work) and see there’s another poll, this time from Lansdown/Millward Brown.  I’ve run it throught the spreadsheet and have got the following figures;

FF 14.0% 13
FG 38.0% 75
LP 20.0% 42
GP 1.0% 0
SF 11.0% 11
oth 16.0% 25

FG are still tottering just short of an overall majority, but the drop in FF (and even the small one in SF) would appear to give LP the edge in a few battleground seats (in the West, as it happens…)

It’s late, but I’ll be back to the blog tomorrow, when I understand that there’s likely to be a RedC poll (one presumes the last of the campaign).







Written by Dotski

February 23, 2011 at 1:28 am

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