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17:50 update

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By my reckoning, likely vote shares after the remaining counts come in are roughly;

FF 17.2%

FG 35.7%

LP 20.6%

SF 9.6%

GP 1.8%

OTH 15%

Quite close to the exit poll, and arguably closer to my prediction yesterday (described by one tweeter as “spooky” earlier today) which was;

% seats
FF 16.3% 20
FG 37.9% 73
LP 19.5% 42
GP 2.0% 0
SF 9.8% 10
oth 14.5% 21

For what its worth, my current prediction is;

FF 22

FG 73

LP 39

SF 12

OTH 20

A lot of water to go under the bridge before the accuracy of these is decided….





Written by Dotski

February 26, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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