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Pre Budget Poll

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As I’m sure you’ve read by now, RedC have a poll in today’s SBP. I’m unconvinced as to the usefulness of such a poll so shortly before a Budget, given the speculation re cuts etc, although it does ask a series of questions on the choices to be made this week. I’ve not seen the paper, but apparently my prediction that most people want cuts that affect other people has, shockingly, come true!

Anyway, am doing this on the phone and going out shortly, so I’ll be brief. Party standings, and the IPR seat projections are as follows;

FG  32%, 63
FF  18%,25
LP 15%,30
SF 15%,23
GP 1%,0
OTH 19%,25

LP a bit lower than most (but not all) polls, FF a bit higher, beyond that, not much you can take from it, given the circumstances. A poll taken this time next week, on the other hand….


Written by Dotski

December 4, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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  1. Given that they have one measly per cent and no Oireactas representation, they could soon start lumping the Greenies in with ‘Others’.

    With a budget on the horizon and a general election far, far from anybody’s mind, I agree, this poll is of fairly marginal value to anybody.

  2. […] Dotski on Irish Polling Report ran the stats through his magic spreadsheet and came up with the seat figures of FG 63, FF 25, LP 30, SF 23 ,GP 0 and SP/Ind/Others 25. […]

  3. […] and it makes somewhat comforting reading for the Government parties, in that they are up from the last RedC, if down from the last General Election.  Party standings, along with the IPR seat projections, as […]

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