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Stability Treaty I….

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Well, the polls are closing in about 10 minutes, so you’ve probably made your mind up by now.

I’ll not second guess what’s happened, turnout looks like it will be a factor, which would be expected to eat into the Yes poll-lead, and the NO side appear to have been working harder around town.  I’ll be surprised if it isn’t very close…

What I *do* have for you is a little exercise I did with tomorrow’s tally in mind.  Looking at the last 4 EU referenda, I calculated (estimated in some cases due to constituency revisions) what the average YES vote was in each constituency, and from that worked out the sort of figure I would expect there tomorrow *if it was a dead heat*.

Now, obviously this is just a guide, and there are people who were Yes for Lisbon & Nice who oppose this (and vice versa).  Indeed, there were individuals who both opposed and supported both of those treaties!  But is should give a decent guide as to whether the tallies coming in indicate a likely Yes or No, rather than represent a particular political strain in those constituencies.

The figures come out as follows;

Carlow Kilkenny 52.78%
Cavan Monaghan 48.87%
Clare 54.15%
Cork East 48.16%
Cork NC 42.03%
Cork NW 50.50%
Cork SC 49.42%
Cork SW 49.58%
Donegal NE 39.54%
Donegal SW 40.59%
Dublin C 45.54%
Dublin MW 45.44%
Dublin N 53.35%
Dublin NC 50.97%
Dublin NE 47.30%
Dublin NW 42.04%
Dublin S 60.34%
Dublin SC 43.88%
Dublin SE 57.75%
Dublin SW 42.45%
Dublin W 49.96%
Dun Laoghaire 60.94%
Galway E 51.00%
Galway W 48.22%
Kerry N 44.66%
Kerry S 48.13%
Kildare N 55.83%
Kildare S 52.06%
Laois-Offaly 54.65%
Limerick E 49.73%
Limerick County 50.81%
Westmeath 49.53%
Louth 46.90%
Mayo 45.50%
Meath E 54.44%
Meath W 48.46%
Roscommon-LS 49.60%
Sligo LN 48.44%
Tipperary N 53.22%
Tipperary S 51.44%
Waterford 50.75%
Wexford 49.43%
Wicklow 51.76%


As you can see, this suggests that a Yes vote in Dun Laoghaire of, say, 59% actually shows the Treaty in trouble, whereas a No vote in Donegal NE of no more than 60% would mean the Yes side likely to shade it.  Notably, Dublin West (home to Joe Higgins) is a weather-vane, with 49.97%  needed by the Yes side to be the more optimistic (although this could be lower as a result of Joe being one of the more prominent NO campaigners).  Similarly Cork NW and Limerick City are very close to an expected 50/50 were there a 50/50 split nationwide.

So as the results come in, you might compare them with these figures, and it could give you a clearer picture than the spin doctors and local journalists are providing you.

Till the next one….


Written by Dotski

May 31, 2012 at 10:02 pm

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  1. Sterling work as ever – will make the early tallies FAR more interesting!!


    June 1, 2012 at 12:47 am

    • Ta, although when one TD declared it YES at 9:08 the drama left that a bit….!


      June 2, 2012 at 10:27 am

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